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August 3, 2012

Welcome new semester!!!

Hei guys! I just got my college schedule from my friend! My first day on this semester is full, i will study on 7am - 4.30 p.m. Oh my God! After had 3 months holiday, this is not easy guys. T_T. By the way,  I'm a medical student, and my next block is Neurology. Yup, this block is the hardest one. Neurology is all about memorizing, there's many things that i have to memorize.Honestly, i have a short term memory, so memorize is to hard for me.  It will be super busy and tired semester. Fighting yessy! =) But, for your information, i really really want to be a neurologist. Haha.. So,  i will study harder on this semester. Please support me.. =)

And today, i am having a date with my mom!  We went to salon, shopping, and some culinary. Yeeey! I really enjoy my quality time with my super best friend called Mommy. 

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