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August 3, 2012

Welcome new semester!!!

Hei guys! I just got my college schedule from my friend! My first day on this semester is full, i will study on 7am - 4.30 p.m. Oh my God! After had 3 months holiday, this is not easy guys. T_T. By the way,  I'm a medical student, and my next block is Neurology. Yup, this block is the hardest one. Neurology is all about memorizing, there's many things that i have to memorize.Honestly, i have a short term memory, so memorize is to hard for me.  It will be super busy and tired semester. Fighting yessy! =) But, for your information, i really really want to be a neurologist. Haha.. So,  i will study harder on this semester. Please support me.. =)

And today, i am having a date with my mom!  We went to salon, shopping, and some culinary. Yeeey! I really enjoy my quality time with my super best friend called Mommy. 

July 21, 2012

Little Reunion

hey guys..!!
Wow, my holiday will be over unless 1 week. Actually, i am going to start my collage on 6 August, but next week i must prepare about the orientation. I will promoting  my organization to the new student, so they interest to join with us. Hm,, i think i have to practice just like marketing in department store. ='(

Yesterday, i went to Grand Indonesia with my high school friends. Fiuh, we had a long long journey. I'm a very bad person in remembering the way, so we had some problem. Yes! we strayed! Jakarta is super crowd city, and traffic jam is everywhere. But, thanks God, I drove an automatic car.

Firstly, i want to introduce my cutie kitty. This is my lovely car that I got as a birthday gift when i turned 17. I'm a hello kitty addict. Everything is hello kitty. So, this is my car.

and here it is our food, our culinary.. =)

and it's my photo. Me and my high school friends. =)

July 18, 2012

Ribbon and Floral

Since my 3 months holiday, i had problem with my sleep time, in medical language, we said circadian rhythm.      i sleep at around 3 or 4 am every day. Actually, i'm a night person. I like to do something (study) in the middle of the night. I don't know why, but i can focus better than in the noon.
and this night, i'm just doing nothing, and then i opened my wardrobe and looked one of my floral dress. hm, it is my old dress. So, i decided to mix and match my old dress.

i have another style of my outfit. i changed my ribbon belt into ribbon tie. Which one better??

July 8, 2012

Show your back!

Today is Sunday! I always love Sunday. The day when all of my family members are off. So, we can together all day long. And this Sunday, after going the church, i had lunch with my family at the bistro.
This is my outfit....

I do really really love backless top, or everything that shows my back. Hm, actually I do not have a beautiful back, but I just love it. I think, when you're wearing backless top/dress, you looked ordinary in a side and also amazing in the other side.

July 7, 2012

Bye Short Semester!!

Hi everyone! Last Thursday was the last day of my short semester. So,after the final exam, i decided to do a little celebration with my friends. We went to Teras Kota and watched The Amazing Spiderman. Hm, like the previous Spiderman movies, this movie was so awesome. But, in my opinion, Spiderman with Tobey Maguire and Mary Jane is better and honestly, i'am disappointed with this film, out of my imagination.  And here it is, my outfit. =)

ps : sorry for these bad quality photos. taken from my phone's camera. Next time, i promise to take picture from better camera. =)

July 4, 2012

We Bought a Zoo

hey guys! I was wathing a movie, and i think it's a good movie. Firstly, here i give you the plot of this movie..

Recently widowed Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon), still grieving his loss, starts life over by buying a large house with a zoo in the back. Although reluctant to take on a zoo and all of its animals, he decides to give it a try, delighting his 7-year-old daughter, Rosie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones), but causing his 14-year-old son, Dylan (Colin Ford), to unhappily retreat into his artwork (drawings and paintings which have grown more macabre since the death of his mother). The zoo staff, led by head keeper, Kelly (Scarlett Johansson), help Benjamin to start renovating the zoo. Benjamin soon runs into financial trouble, however, and the workers' morale sinks, fearing the property will be sold. Meanwhile, Dylan befriends a young girl named Lily (Elle Fanning), who has a huge crush on him to which he is completely oblivious. When she tells him that his family might be leaving, he is overjoyed, which hurts her feelings.
Benjamin discovers that his late wife has left him an investment account with instruction to use the money wisely while listening to his heart. While this lifts the zoo workers' morale, Dylan is unhappy about having to stay. He confronts his father, and a heated argument ensues. They reconcile the next morning, and Dylan admits he misses Lily. Benjamin gives his son advice on reconciling with her.
Prior to the zoo's grand opening, the facility passes a very stringent inspection, and Dylan, following his father's advice, confesses to Lily that he loves her and she forgives him.
The worst rainstorm in over 100 years threatens to wash out the zoo's grand opening, and although the weather clears in time, they are disappointed when no visitors arrive. They soon discover that a fallen tree has blocked the access road, leaving visitors unsure if the zoo is open. Eventually, the zoo is well received by the community. Kelly admits to Benjamin that she has a crush on him but, "can't get a handle on it." She kisses him, telling him maybe they can do that again on New Years. Benjamin replies by kissing her and telling her that he is looking forward to New Years.
At the end, Benjamin takes his children to where he met their mother, explaining that it was the point in both of their lives where they became a "possibility". He takes them through that day's encounter, where Benjamin worked up the nerve to talk to his future wife with "20 seconds of courage," asking her why such an amazing woman would talk to someone like him. His wife responds, "Why not?", echoing the reason why Benjamin bought the zoo in the first place.

It's a super simple movie. But, I think, it has meaningful story. And this is based on true story. wow!! Amazing right?! besides the story, i like the casts, esp Rosie. She's a little girl ( daughter of Benjamin ), she's so smart and cute. So, i really recommend you to watch this movie for your holiday. =) 

July 3, 2012

My Strawberry

It’s my first post (on this blog). Actually, i have another blog before. Firstly, i want to tell about my blog's name. Do you know Fregaria Vesca means? It's the biological name of Strawberry; therefore the title of this blog is Strawberry Shortcake. 
I think strawberry is one of my favorite fruits. It's so sweet, cute, cheerful, and fun. 

Oh ya, I hope I can write on this blog regularly, since I very busy with my schedule on the faculty of medicine. 
See you!