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July 21, 2012

Little Reunion

hey guys..!!
Wow, my holiday will be over unless 1 week. Actually, i am going to start my collage on 6 August, but next week i must prepare about the orientation. I will promoting  my organization to the new student, so they interest to join with us. Hm,, i think i have to practice just like marketing in department store. ='(

Yesterday, i went to Grand Indonesia with my high school friends. Fiuh, we had a long long journey. I'm a very bad person in remembering the way, so we had some problem. Yes! we strayed! Jakarta is super crowd city, and traffic jam is everywhere. But, thanks God, I drove an automatic car.

Firstly, i want to introduce my cutie kitty. This is my lovely car that I got as a birthday gift when i turned 17. I'm a hello kitty addict. Everything is hello kitty. So, this is my car.

and here it is our food, our culinary.. =)

and it's my photo. Me and my high school friends. =)